Monday, May 20, 2024

‘We don’t need a puppet president,- Tinubu’s group chides Osinbajo 

Mr Abiodun Alonge, the Media and Publicity Director, Tinubu Support Organisation, Ekiti State has asked Nigerians to reject Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, positing that “he will be a puppet” as president.

Alonge revealed this in an interview with The PUNCH, where he also stated that many of  the people Tinubu promoted in the past, are now standing in his way.

Speaking against Osinbajo, Alonge said, “In politics, there are rooms for betrayals. There are rooms for somebody to be an ingrate, even culturally in Africa, we are very rebellious. You won’t believe that many people that Tinubu had elevated politically, socially, financially, and economically in the South- West here are the ones that are now up in arms against him just because of the fact that they are jealous of the political colossus called Jagaban”

“Let them indicate interest to contest, the more the merrier. But everybody is aware that Osinbajo, as President, will be a puppet who will always be scolded into submission on matters that need diplomacy and political intelligence. Nobody wants that again in Nigeria.”



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