Monday, July 15, 2024

Usain Bolt congratulates Tobi Amusan for setting new record

Legendary Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt on Monday congratulated Nigerian Tobi Amusan on winning gold at the ongoing World Athletics Championship and setting a new record.

Amusan clocked an incredible 12.06 seconds at the women’s 100m hurdles race, smashing her world record in the semi-final where she clocked 12.12 seconds.

Bolt, 35, tweeted his congratulations, adding that her performance was “superb”.

The retired sprinter also congratulated compatriot Britany Anderson who won silver in 12.23 seconds.

Amusan, 25, said after her victory that she believes in her ability.

“The goal is always just to execute well and get the win. So, the world record is a bonus. I knew I had it in me but I could not believe it when I saw it on the screen after the semis.

“Before the final, I just tried to stay calm and to do my best. I took a deep breath knowing that I have some goal to accomplish, and it worked pretty good. I knew it was very fast but not this fast,” she said.

Amusan’s winning time will not be recognised as a world record due to an illegal tailwind of 2.5 metres per second.



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