Thursday, April 25, 2024

Tinubu cancels birthday celebration to honour victims of train attack 

A former governor of Lagos State, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has cancelled the 13th edition of his annual colloquium in honour of those that died in an attack on a Abuja-Kaduna train on Monday night.

He made the announcement at Eko Hotels in Lagos, the venue of the event with the theme, ‘Pivoting Nigeria Into The New Order’.
According to him, the attack was a “national tragedy” and over 60 persons lost their lives to the terror.

He said, “Today is supposed to be a very joyful 70th birthday of mine living on earth. I give thanks to God Almighty for being able to survive to this age.

“I have just been informed of a very sad incident in our country, very sad indeed, that over 60 people and many more were killed and bombed on a train between Kaduna and Abuja just last night. That is a very serious incident about the security of lives in this country and it calls for a very serious sober reflection.

“For me to be here celebrating, dancing and enjoying myself doesn’t show enough concern of a statesman and a senior citizen of this country.

“This event should not be holding. I have consulted with the people you see around me here and they’ve agreed with me and being a very highly committed democrat, I have given myself to their suggestion that they agreed that this event be cancelled.”

Newswatchplus reported earlier that about 10 people were killed, while several others were injured when terrorists attacked a Kaduna bound train on Monday night in an operation that lasted over one hour.



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