Monday, May 20, 2024

Nigeria’s power generation remains low

Nigeria’s power generation remained low over the weekend with 15 plants producing just 2,497.40 megawatts as outages across the country persisted.

According to figures released by the National System Operator (NSO), a unit in the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN, as at 3pm yesterday, Nigeria’s biggest power plant, Egbin Power with 1,050 capacity, was generating just 282MW with two units in operation.

Delta (539MW) and Azura-Edo (418MW) were the largest contributors to the grid, while Alaoji NIPP (197.90MW), Geregu (136MW), Geregu NIPP (136MW), Ibom Power (75.10MW) and Jebba Hydro (89MW) were other plants on the grid.

Also on the grid were Odukpani NIPP (187.60MW), Olorunsogo NIPP (109.20MW), Omoku (45.40MW), Omotosho (152.90MW), Paras Energy (44.90MW) and Sapele NIPP (88.90MW).

At the distribution end, data from NSO showed that load allocation to the distribution companies was 2,330.11MW with Ikeja Electric (342.62MW), Ibadan DisCo (317.93MW) and Abuja DisCo (262.67MW) topping the allocation chart.



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