Friday, July 19, 2024

Newswatchplus: As we make our debut


We proudly announce the birth of our unique on-line magazine, Newswatchplus. In 1985, we blazed the trail with Africa’s first weekly newsmagazine, Newswatch. We changed the face of journalism for the better and for ever in our country. With its incomparable blend of mature journalism, a stickler for facts, incisive opinions and a writing style known for its grace and erudition, the magazine became a way of life for all Nigerians. It did for Nigerian journalism what Watergate did for American journalism. It elevated investigative reporting to a new height of informed public service.  

            Newswatchplus follows in the remarkable footsteps of Newswatch magazine. It will redefine on-line journalism in our country and carve a niche for itself as the magazine to be trusted with facts, not fiction, informed, not half-baked views and opinions. It will promote peace, equity, fairness, and justice. It will align itself with our political leaders who demonstrate their patriotism and are committed to the proper management of our diversities. It will not ally itself with any political parties. It will remain neutral in the best practices of non-partisan journalism. It will stand for the facts and defend the truth. In the crowded marketplace of on-line journalism, it will not speak from both sides of the mouth; it will stand out with a clear voice, and it will be biased on the side of facts, truth, fairness, equity and justice as the cardinal principles of its unique brand.Behind this new venture are the same men who birthed Newswatch magazine. They come into this new journalism venture with combined long, rich, and enviable years of successful journalism practice. The venture is blessed with the wisdom of the old and the vigour of the young. Newswatchplus – a way of life.

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