Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Huge crowd for Peter Obi in Abuja

Thousands of supporters of the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Obi, yesterday staged a peaceful rally in Abuja.

The pro-Obi supporters marched from the Unity Fountain to the Moshood Abiola National Stadium amid heavy security.

At the rally alongside the pro-Obi supporters are officers of the Nigeria Police Force and the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC).

The supporters are making a statement that Obi and his running mate, Datti Baba-Ahmed, have physical structures beyond social media.

The rally attracted huge applause following the appearance of a new couple, Mr. and Mrs. Adamson.

The couple, who were said to be heading home from the venue of their wedding, stopped and joined the rally along with the groom’s men and bride’s maids to the admiration of the other Obidients as they are better known.

Conference of Peter Obi Grassroots Ambassadors, in a statement yesterday said Obi will win a simple majority vote and also secure the 25 per cent constitutional requirements across at least 24 states of the federation in the 2023 election.

In a statement signed by Hon. Hassan Usman Algungu (National Coordinator), Dr. Gabriel Ayodeji (National Secretary), as well as Hajiya Nana Tukur (Director of Women Mobilisation), the group said: “It has gotten to our notice of lies being peddled by some unscrupulous elements paid to install uncertainty, fear and discouragement targeted at misleading the general public by alleging that our leader Mr. Peter Obi can’t secure 25 per cent votes in at least two-thirds of states, as enshrined in the Constitution.

“For us, this amounts to the blatant lie told in the public domain by the same people who know the truth in their hearts that of the three top contenders, Mr. Peter Obi has better chances of winning in more states over and above his counterparts.

“If the sole aim of this propaganda is not pure mischief and an attempt to swindle the public, since this is a political contest targeted at producing a single winner; wouldn’t it have been wiser to rather keep mute knowing your opponent is on a lane of failure?

“Peter Obi has set the establishment off balance and they know he is closer to victory than them all.

“Hence, the resolve to resort to lies.

We are very confident of his victory because we have done our homework and the results have started trickling in. Soon it will be very obvious to even the blind that the narrative of ‘structure” and another campaign of calumny have now been overtaken by events.

“Labour Party structure is growing stronger by the day and even with other arrangements we’ve put on the ground the party’s effort is but a bonus”.

It added thus: “We have deliberately and strategically set up committed foot soldiers across every nook and cranny of Nigeria including the Northern part of the country comprising men and women of capacity, capable of delivering.

“Peter Obi as it stands now will comfortably secure more than the 25 per cent constitutional requirement in 14 states out of the 19 states that formed the northern part of Nigeria while we have the 5 remaining states in the North under steady reinforcement. With God on our side, we shall demystify the mystery responsible for Bad Governance in Nigeria 2023.

“To the teaming responsible members of our society and supporters of the OBIdient movement and labour party, we urge you to remain steadfast and resolute in your support for Peter Obi and the new Nigeria project as he remains the only candidate with clear programmes and implementation templates to take Nigeria out of this quagmire.”



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