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How ‘Okada’ riders lynched sound engineer over N100 in Lagos

A sound engineer, David Sunday and his friends were assaulted by a group of commercial motorcyclists popularly known as Okada riders in Lekki, Lagos on May 12.

Mr Sunday was brutalised and later burnt to death by the mob.

Police spokesman in Lagos, Benjamin Hundeyin, said four suspects have been arrested and an investigation is underway.

“Four persons have been arrested and there is a manhunt ongoing for the fifth person; investigation is ongoing,” Mr Benjamin told People Gazette by telephone on Sunday.

In a social media post on Saturday, a Twitter user, via the handle, @thecoloredpen, alleged that a mob attacked a group of musicians in Lekki, along Admiralty road on Thursday evening.

She claimed that Mr Sunday and his friend who mounted the motorcycle had an argument with the Okada rider, leading to the death of the passenger.

The witness said the argument got heated and other riders supported their colleague and pounced on Mr Sunday and his friends, beating them till they became unconscious.

She said Mr Sunday’s friends, Frank (saxophonist) and Philip (keyboardist) are currently receiving medical treatment in the hospital.

“A group of musicians in Lagos had “regular” to play at Beer-bar along Admiralty road that evening. The sound engineer and keyboard player who mounted the same bike had an argument with the okada man (an aboki guy) which resulted in what became a cold-blooded night,” @thecoloredpen tweeted.

“The other okada riders (that were of the same tribe) came out and tried to avenge their “brother”. To cut the long story short, try were beaten to a pulp and the sound engineer lost his life right there.”

She added, “As if that was not enough, the sound engineer was burnt right there on the road. To make matters worse, the saxophonist that was to play for the night heard about what was happening while the fight just ensued and he went to try to settle not having a full grasp of what was really going on.

“On getting there, he was also beaten to a pulp. The saxophonist (Frank) and the keyboardist (Philip) had to be taken to the emergency unit of the hospital where they were later admitted. Philip plays for D’banj Frank plays for Phyno.”

Another witness of the incident, @bukola_wonder, corroborated her story on Twitter

The witness said the mobs lynched on the victim after he had argument with the motorcyclist over an increased price when he got to his destination.



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