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BBTitans: Big Brother introduces new housemates

Barely a week into the ongoing television reality show, Big Brother Titans, four new housemates have been introduced to the show.

The coordinator of the show, Big brother, introduced the new housemates on Thursday.

This happens to be the season’s first twist as Big brother surprised his housemates with their new counterparts walking into the house during the first pool party.

Although surprised, the older housemates introduced to viewers on Sunday accepted their new counterparts with open hands.

Miracle OP is a 24-year-old originally from Anambra State, who described himself as witty, talkative, and a risk-taker.

He works at his family’s pharmaceutical company and considers himself a tough guy with a soft core, especially toward those who matter to him. He loves attention, having a good time, and can sometimes be impulsive.

Also, Sandra a 27-year-old Nigerian lady from Akwa Ibom, described herself as a confident boss who can sometimes be manipulative and passive-aggressive.

According to her, she is an entrepreneur, ex-beauty queen, model and host.

“I am comfortable in my skin and I have no qualms about nudity, I know how to mask my emotions well and I don’t trust easily.

“I will also be bringing a lot of drama to the house because I swear a lot, I don’t believe that I am ever wrong and I find it hard to apologise,” she said.

Blue Aiva, a 22-year-old professional dancer and DJ from Benoni, East Rand, believes she is a “bad bitch vibe” and drama queen who is forward, bubbly, emotional, and loud.

According to the Limpopo-born beauty, she has “daddy issues” that make her feel like she has a lot to prove.

Also, Theo Traw, a 29-year-old South African music artiste from Vaal, said he was a risk taker and a good listener that loves creating art pieces and making music.




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